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Enigma Saggy Hacking confirmed BGMI | Saggy Accepts His Mistake


Hello, Everyone welcome to foxyfyy a gaming community where you get all news updates regarding tournaments, Esports etc. Enigma Saggy Hacking confirmed, A BGMI Player “Saggy” Sagar Thakur has been constant topic of discussion in the gaming community from the couple of days as he was accused of hacking.

Saggy -” Sagar Thakur plays under Organization called Enigma Gaming. He was signed by Enigma after his incredible performance on the roster of Team Celsius. Saggy was called as a shady player by for the past few months due to some questionable clutches that he pulled out in some third-party tournaments.

The Sus clip going viral on Instagram of his stream that he is using 2 BGMI game 1 is official bgmi game and the second one the name of application seen on saggy;s stream,“Winios Zero” probably the hacking service application provider.

Saumraj the well know pro player in BGMI and currently a key aspect of the Skylightz Gaming Roster. Saumraj raised this topic on his stream that shows sus clips that he is switching application in ios device while he was playing.

Saumraj views on Clip Enigma Saggy Hacking confirmed

Enigma Saggy Hacking confirmed

After the Saumraj stream S8ul Sid manager of “Soul Esports”, collected some videos and repost a clips on his story in which Saggy using Third-party application for hacking, which clearly says that Enigma Saggy Hacking confirmed. You can see the video where sid posted and talk about his second chance to play in any Org.

S8ul Sid confirmed about Enigma Saggy hacking BGMI using third party app.

After all that Saggy accepts his mistake and apologies in Sid Instagram Dm and asking for a second chance. He wrote:

“I did the wrong thing, and I am already suffering, and I will suffer more. It’s me who was greedy, and I’ve done this and chose the shortcut route to success. Sorry for everything, and I hope I will get a chance somehow to prove myself once more. I will leave this community for now as I don’t deserve to be here. And my team and organization had no idea about it. Even I didn’t know what was happening to me. Sorry Sid bhai, for everything. I deserve this.”

Enigma Gaming’s IGL Avi clarified on Instagram that saggy was fired from the company because he refused to play in the Bootcamp. The Organization had no clue what was going on, Saggy didn’t play in the recently concluded 7Sea BGMI Invitational and without him, the team came third.

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