Google STADIA big Announcement Future of Gaming | Google GDC19

Howdy, Everyone Welcomes to Foxyfyy. Google STADIA Future of Gaming announced in Google GDC19 it was held in San Francisco #GoogleGDC19 which was conduct live stream on Youtube                                     Google official youtube channel at 10 AM PDT. This Stadia is all for Gaming Community who love to Play,         who love to watch the game, who play games for streaming live at Youtube.

 CEO of Google- Sunder Pichai: Before started talking about google new device. He confesses that he is not a Big Gamer but he loves to play games and he plays many of the games like FIFA 19 and Ashes cricket.

This was the Next Generation Gaming yes, I am not kidding this is true because of this many of the players play Everywhere and from any device you use. As Sunder Pichai said the google try his test project Last year that you can play the games on the Web without download. What was the mindset behind this?

  • Basically, the mindset was to create an ECO between the creator who plays and the audience who watches the gameplay.
  • How you can easily access the WEB you surf, share, etc like that you would easily access the game, comment, share, etc.
  • You don’t want to go on different Platforms this device creates a platform where the creator and the audience connect each other at the same time and same platform easily.

Take a Look from Past to Future the Introduction of “STADIA”

Google STADIA Future of Gaming
Phil Harrison: Leader and Expert in RPG’s and NPC’s |Gamer

Phil Harrison words about Google STADIA Future of Gaming

  1. The vision for STADIA is to bring Everyone in one place.
  2. This test was conducted on October 18 last year on the WEB.
  3. This test name was “Project Stream”.
  4. Project Stream is successful with the many of the people and the gamers with good response.
  5. Project stream plays on WEB the GAME was ASSASSIN’S CREED ODYSSEY with HD 1080P and 60 Frames per second.

project stream

google stadia project stream
The data collected from the Twitter good response from the test name PROJECT STREAM to test stadia.

Google stadia patnership
                                               CEO and co-founder of UBISOFT-Yves Guillemot

Google Partnership with Ubisoft

  • Ubisoft is a big Brand which releases many games and software after the success of ASSASSIN CREED make a record.
  • Now the Yves Guillemot CEO of UBISOFT partnership with Google on the next project which was stadia.
  • The Google collab with Ubisoft company to make a success of “Project Stream” so the google test his project with the game Assassin Creed Odyssey.

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