How to start earning youtube account or website


Hello everyone once again welcomes to Foxfyy today we are coming back with the career post How to start earning youtube account or website.

Is it the same idea in your mind that I wish I could earn money from YouTube like other people are doing?

You won’t believe but you can earn thousands of dollars like other YouTubers.

How to start earning youtube account or website

We are here to provide you with a step by step guide to earn money from YouTube and make you a perfect YouTube earner.

Now here are the questions that might have been on your mind…

  • How to Create a YouTube Channel.
  • How to Upload Videos to YouTube Channel
  • How to Increase Views and Subscribers on YouTube Channel.
  • How to Monetize YouTube Channel and Videos.
  • How can My Video Make Money?
  • How to start earning youtube account or website
  • How to See User Activity on My Channel.
  • Anything else??

So, come to make them clear.


Making money from YouTube Channel is not as hard as you think.  And believe me, you can’t imagine how much you can earn from YouTube.

According to the sources:

The Wall Street Journal reported that PewDiePie (A famous YouTube channel) earned $4 million in 2013 alone.

Next year, the Swedish magazine Expressen reported that its production company, PewDie Productions AB, earned around $7.5 million in 2014, most of their revenue was from their YouTube channel.

Interesting!! Isn’t it??

Okay then, here we start.


How to create a YouTube channel

How to start earning youtube account or website
If you are here that means you don’t have a YouTube account yet. Don’t worry!! You are not alone here. It is quite simple to create a YouTube channel if you have a Google Account such as Gmail, Drive etc.

    1. Sign in to your Google Account. If you don’t have click here to create a new one.
    2. Type in the search bar and hit enter.
    3. Click on your profile icon and then “Creator Studio”.
    4. Here you will find a link to “Create a Channel” Click on that.
    5. A pop up will appear with a question asking you if you want to change or use a different channel name or a business name. If so, click on “Use a business or other name”.
    6. Provide a good name and select category from the dropdown list.
    7. Check the box “I Agree to the” and hit “Done”.
    8. Upload a channel Art and profile icon from the Dashboard.
  1. All done. Great! Your channel looks good.

How to Upload Video to YouTube

Upload Youtube Video
Now you have successfully created your awesome channel. Now it’s time to add some cool stuff to it. To upload a video on YouTube just go with the steps below.

  1. If you aren’t signed in then sign in to your account and click the “Upload icon”, might be on the left of your profile icon.
  2. In the next page simply click anywhere in the upload area and choose your video or simply drag your video and release there. Try to use high-quality video to enhance user experience.
  3. Now your video is uploading.
  4. Enter a good title and a description to tell users what your content is all about!
  5. Don’t forget to add tags. It will help you to come up with the search results.

How to Increase Views and Subscribers on YouTube Channel

Increase View and Subscribers
If you want to earn money from YouTube then having a good audience might be the key to success. There are many people who use online websites or tools to increase views and subscribers on YouTube channel but it’s not worthy at all. There is only one way to getting more subscribers- Best Content. Remember these tips while uploading a video:

    1. Try to use trending topics in your content.
    2. Keep uploading awesome contents and try to engage people.
    3. Keep updated with your comment section try to reply each of your commentators.
    4. Share your content and ask your friends to do the same for you.
  1. Repeat!

How to Monetize YouTube Channel and Videos

Monetize Channel
Now, the most important part is Monetizing a YouTube Channel.

When it comes to questioning- how to earn money from YouTube? The answer is- Enable Monetization. But, according to the new guideline from YouTube in 2018, you must be eligible to enable monetization on YouTube channel.

Here are 4 stages you need to go through:

  1. Read and Agree to YouTube Partner Program Terms.
    1. Sign in to YouTube
    2. From your Account icon > Creator Studio
    3. From the left menu items select channel > Status and features
    4. Click Enable, under “Monetization”
  2. Sign up for AdSense. To get paid from YouTube and earn money follow these steps to set up an AdSense Account. Once you have an AdSense account click here.
  3. Set monetize preferences
    1. Enable monetization for all of your videos and future videos.
    2. Check the box located under the Ads Format to choose which types of ads you want.
    3. At last hit “Save”
  4. Reach to 1,000 Subscribers to join YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP) and must accrue 4,000 hours of watch time over course of 12 months. YouTube will review your channel and videos and let you know as soon as the process is complete.

Additional help: Learn from Interesting YouTube quiz


How Can My Video Make Money

Make money
After a successful approval of monetization, you need to choose which type of advertisement you want to show on your videos. And YouTube will place ads in your video. Remember that you need an AdSense account associated with your YouTube account.


How to See User Activity on My Channel

YouTube Analytics
Now you have a channel with awesome videos which is monetized and being viewed by your viewers. Next milestone is to track your videos how they are performing. To track them YouTube has analytics on its menus. Reach out there by following these steps:

    1. Sign in to YouTube.
    2. Click your account icon and then “Creator Studio.”
    3. From the left menu click “Analytics”
  1. Here you will find lots of submenus under Analytics. Choose what you want to see.

Anything Else??

Well, there are lots of things you can perform to enhance viewer experience and easily float them to your next video.

There are lots of features we will talk about YouTube. As YouTube has its own video editor in which you can easily improve your video quality by cropping, adding music, blur effects,z

How to start earning youtube account or website

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