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Howdy, Everyone welcome to Foxyfyy. Valorant comes with his New Valorant Agent, The 23rd agent in the lineup which is “DEADLOCK”. As per the leaks, a total of 3 agents have been coming in this Episode 7 Act1 update as we all know Gekko is released and recently deadlock is also added to the list.

Brief of New Valorant Agent “DEADLOCK” as a Sentinel Role

After Gekko launched Deadlock is the 23rd Agent which was newly introduced as the 5th Sentinel in the Agent Roaster and his role is to support the team. She is from “Norway“.

She is the fifth Sentinel to join the roster after Chamber, Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage. here’s the agent’s look:

New Valorant Agent Deadlock first look | foxyfyy

Alexander Mistakidis the Game designer said about this agent:
“Our main Goal for this agent is to create for the Player who is not so aggressive and loves to hold their ground actively with the Abilities & Uses the ability in advance to hold the sides”


When we talk about the Expectations Valorant never disappoints, every time Valorant comes with its unique approach to the agents. Earlier, as we saw in the leaks her skills are based on the gadgets which she carries around her. Here are the Abilities of “New Valorant Agent Deadlock as a Sentinel”:

GravNet (C)

  • The deadlock has a grenade which is called Gravnet you can use with the button C by default.
  • This Ability is used to trap an enemy When Deadlock throws the grenade toward the enemy grenade that detonates and turns into a circular netted trap, Enemy goes into a crouch position.
  • The enemy can remove the Net by holding the (F) button same as cypher camera trap.

Sonic Sensor (Q)

  • Sonic sensor can Attach anywhere you just have to throw it to the Surface or a Structure the sensor attaches automatically.
  • The Sonic Sensor can detect “gunfire, reloading, footsteps, or any noise” and applies concussion in a particular area.
  • Sonic Sensor can be dodged by the enemy If the enemy walks through the sensor beep but does not activate.
  • Place the sensor outside hookah on Bind drop in B-site it will easily affect the ability as the enemy must jump down in these places making a definite sound queue.
  • To know more clarification read the official Valorant article.

Barrier Mesh (E)

  • This is the signature ability of Deadlock which is called Barrier Mesh a Glass wall.
  • Throw this disc ability by pressing (E) at a point where it creates a core.
  • This ability becomes a Glass wall X-Shaped barrier that blocks the path of the enemy.
  • In this barrier, the gun bullets can pass through but you & enemy can’t.
  • To cross this barrier enemy have to destroy as you can see in the video.
  • Side glass destroys in 1mag =30 bullets, center glass which breaks all 4 sides is around 2mag = 60 bullets.

Annihilation (X)

  • This ability is the ULT (ultimate) of Deadlock the broken ability you can use by the (X) button.
  • This deadlock ability weaves a thread of a nanowire to a structure or a wall.
  • This ability creates a nanowire and traps an enemy in a cacoon.
  • When the enemy traps in the cacoon, the enemy is disarmed, can’t move, and is pulled to its starting point of the wire.
  • Once the deadlock ability is pulled the enemy to the starting point, Kills the affected enemy.

Is Deadlock a Sentinel?

Yes, New Deadlock is a 5th Sentinel hero in Agent Roaster. Deadlock can actively engage in holding off enemies with her abilities.

Where is Valorant Agent Deadlock from?

New Valorant Agent Deadlock is from Norway. She worked in Ståljeger’s Briar team. Later was appointed as the 23rd agent in Valorant roaster.

Did Deadlock lose her arm?

Yes, Deadlock lost her left arm while fighting a bear in Svalbard. She later got a nanowire accelerated arm in place with the help of Killjoy.


Is deadlock a female?

Deadlock is a female Sentinel agent from Norway that thrives in the cold wilderness thanks to her traps and hunting prowess. The most recent teaser showed her tackling a Radiante-infused bear but Deadlock uses the same techniques against enemy agents thanks to her intelligent technology and intense determination.

Who is the new VALORANT agent soon?

Deadlock is the newly introduced Agent in Valorant after Gekko. She hails from Norway and adds up to the Agent roster as the fifth Sentinel. She is one of the newest additions in Episode 7 along with a new battlepass, Team Deathmatch mode, Progression System, and more.

What agent is deadlock?

Deadlock is a Sentinel agent and every one of her abilities is designed to slow down or trap opponents on the battlefield, which should make her a very strong agent against lineups that want to play fast on offence.

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