New Valorant Battle Pass | New Skins Episode 5 Act 1

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Hello Everyone welcome to Foxyfyy. The Valorant new update 5.0 is here and ready to play, New Valorant Battle Pass 5.0 comes with shooter title, new Battle pass with Pearls Map and also the Rank batch. Riot is also celebrating the first year of Omega Earth with the Crossover Event Pass, which will be offer to the player as a chance to get their hands on some exclusive cosmic book-themed player card.

List of Valorant Battle Pass Premium items in Episode 5 Act 1

As use well in this Episode 5 Act 1 Valorant Battle Pass has 10 different tiers with the special Epilogue Tier. Here are the items in this new valorant battle pass are listed below:

Tier 1 Premium items

  1. Spitfire Ghost
  2. Shimmer Buddy
  3. 10X Radiant Points
  4. Shimmer Player Card
  5. Shimmer Stinger

Tier 2 Premium items

  1. Nosey Neighbor Spray
  2. No Spectre Spray
  3. 10X Radiant Points
  4. Playzilla Tactibear Player Card
  5. Task Force 809 Frenzy

Tier 3 Premium items

  1. Owl Drone Schema Player Card
  2. A Perfect Score Spray
  3. 10X Radiant Points
  4. Pocket Size Sheriff Buddy
  5. Spitfire Ares

Free items

  1. 10X Radiant Points
  2. Random Title

Tier 4 Premium items

  1. Shimmer Judge
  2. Collector’s Edition: KAY/O Player Card
  3. We Can Do It Spray
  4. 10X Radiant Points
  5. Task Force 809 Spectre

Free items

  1. Winner’s Ribbon Spray

Tier 5 Premium items

  1. Just Jokin’ Spray
  2. 10X Radiant Points
  3. Gimbap Buddy
  4. No Duelist No Problem Spray
  5. Spitfire Operator

Free items

  1. Operation: Vacation Player Card
  2. 10X Radiant Points
New Valorant Battle pass skins | Valorant Episode 5 Act 1

Tier 6 Premium items

  1. Sage Signal Spray
  2. 10X Radiant Points
  3. Cool Joy Spray
  4. Tactibunny Terror Player Cards
  5. Shimmer Bulldog

Free items

  1. Heavy Lifting Buddy

Tier 7 Premium items

  1. Task Force 809 Player Card
  2. 10X Radiant Points
  3. Task Force 809 Buddy
  4. Neon Bot Spray
  5. Task Force 809 Marshal

Free items

  1. 10X Radiant Points
  2. Clown Title

Tier 8 Premium items

  1. You Wanna Play? Spray
  2. Cat Tactics Buddy
  3. Joke’s Over Palyer Card
  4. 10X Radiant Points
  5. Spitfire Guardian

Free items

  1. That’s A Blowout Spray

valorant Battle pass
Preluude into chaos valorant battle pass 5.0 Gun Skins

Tier 9 Premium items

  1. 10X Radiant Points
  2. Unstoppable // Jett Player Card
  3. Trailblazing Tiger Spray
  4. Waddle Walk Spray
  5. Task Force 809 Phantom

Free items

  1. Perfect Pattern Buddy

Tier 10 Premium items

  1. Never Forget Leg Day Spray
  2. Tactical Surprise Buddy
  3. Enter The Duelists Player Card
  4. 10X Radiant Points
  5. Task Force 809 Knife

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Is Battlepass in Valorant permanent?

Every Act as a new battle pass. Valorant Battle Pass comes with every Act for some duration of time, Once Act is over the Battlepass will be END and you will not buy anything from the previous Battle pass by any mean.

How long until Valorant Battlepass ends?

New Act and Valorant Battle Pass will stay for Approximately 10 weeks.

How much is 1k Valorant points?

Valorant Points Pricing in the Philippines
Valorant Points
Price (PHP)
750 300
1525 600
2600 1000
5250 2000

Does Valorant battle pass give more XP?

when purchasing the Valorant battle pass, players also receive a 3% bonus XP boost.




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