Howdy, Everyone welcome to Foxyfyy. Recently Scout has announced Team XSpark New BGMI Roster through Instagram post, Krafton Announce their new Tournament Battleground Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC).The new season of Battleground Mobile India(BGMI) Esports commence with the BMOC. krafton invite 32 teams to the fourth phase of the BMOC.

Team XSpark New BGMI Roster

Team XSpark New BGMI Roster

Out of 32 teams Team XSpark also invited in the upcoming tournament Battleground Mobile Challenge (BMOC).

Team XSpark, a beloved and recognized BGMI team in india, has announced a new roster ahead for (BMOC 2022).

Team XSpark formed and owned by Tanmay singh AKA “ScoutOP”. Scout is a well know professional Esport player of BGMI and also he is a content creator and have a big Youtuber with millions of subscriber. Scout had a deadly dua with Mavi -“Harman” from the time they both playing in the same team “Orange Rock“.

since then there have been multiple attempts to build that team in a new way. A total of four new gamers have been added to the team by Team Xpark. Two former members of XSpark, Ultron and 420Op, are returning, while two newcomers, GyroGod and Fearless, are joining the roster. Scout reveal his 6 man lineup for bmoc through team XSpark official Instagram.

Team XSpark Intagram post :

Team XSpark new Bgmi Roster

  1. Mavi – Harmandeep Singh: In-Game Leader
  2. Scout – Tanmay Singh: Filter and Flanker
  3. 420Op – Shivamm Raghav: Entry Fragger
  4. Ultron – Hemanth Sethi: Assaulter
  5. Fearless – Assaulter
  6. Gyrogod – Shahnawaz Shahbaz: Support

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