Top16 Teams Support #IndiaatPMCO | Pubg mobile Global Final Berlin

Howdy, Everyone once again welcomes to foxyfyy. Today we are talking about the Trending Topic or you can say most demandable Question that What were the Issues of Team INDIAN TIGERS and IND SOUL. Why they were not going to Berlin for PMCO ?. The Global Esports Tournament of Pubg mobile 2019.

Top 16 Teams Selected | Pubg mobile Global Finals Berlin 2019

Team Soul was the winner of the Match of PMCO and take the winning Price check of $60000 Dollar and with the Ticket of Berlin(Germany) to play PMCO Finals 2019. Top 16 Teams were selected and in these 16 Team 2 Teams are from INDIA, so here was the team according to there Country/Region.

Teams Country/Region
2. Indian Tigers INDIA
3. Purple mood E-sport Southeast Asia
4. Team Secret Southeast Asia
5. Lights Out North America
6. Pittsburgh Knight North America
7. Deformia Meditari 99 Europe
8. FromHell Europe
9. X Quest F China
10. Top E-sports China
11. RG Star Team Wildcard
12. Team Queso South America
13. GP3 Korea
14. All Rejection Gaming Japan
15. Kurd Squad Middle East
16. Nova Monster Sheild Taiwan

Why Team IND and SOUL cannot go to Berlin Pubg Mobile Global Finals | Support #IndiaatPMCO

After Winning the Game all the 16 Teams have to Apply their visa for Germany. But as per the Mortal (real name “Naman”) the Player of Team Soul. His Statement was the Visa was Rejected by Germany because of some Security reasons and not only the Team Soul got Rejected the same with the Team Indian Tiger and some of the Influencers want to go to support both the Teams in Berlin but they also got rejected.

Matches of Pubg Mobile Global PMCO E-sports Tournament

  1. 20/JULY/2019 – Qualifier of PMCO
  2. 26/JULY/2019  to  28/JULY/2019 – Final of PMCO

Indian Gaming Community Help team Soul and Indian Tiger

Mortal Explain Why scout visa rejected and what Instruction they got from Pubg mobile #IndiaatPMCO

#IndiaatPMCO | Foxyfyy

If the Visa was not Approved the Team India was not going to Berlin to Play his Final match among all the 16 Teams. All the Players will play the match from here only in India which causes the High Ping Issues facing both the team members.

All the Gaming community and Youtubers will together and take an initiative to help bothe the Teams by Tweet to Germany Embassy, Dr. S Jaishankar Ministery of External Affairs. And many other youtube will also Retweet with the msg #IndiaatPMCO and make the Trending in just an hour like:

  • Rakazone gaming
  • Dynamo gaming
  • Mortal himself
  • Raven
  • Gunshot(Harnit)

And many other Youtubers/Streamers also help and retweet. so, Guys, you can also Retweet by clicking down the link and give the msg with #IndiaatPMCO and help the team so those Players can Represent the INDIA in Berlin(Germany) and give the proud.

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