Valorant New Agent FADE | All Abilities, Battle Pass Act 4.08 Revealed

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Hello Everyone welcome to Foxyfyy. The wait is over Valorant new agent Fade trailer is out. Developers launch the 19th Agent in valorant with the role of Initiator, Riot release the trailer of new agent Fade this weekend on the stage of Finals Valorant Masters Reykjavík. The Agent Fade comes in the New Episode Act 4.08 which is going to out on 29th April 2022.

Valorant New Agent FADE gameplay, all abilities, Ultimates

Agent 19th FADE is a 5th Initiator who join the space with Kay’o, Skye, Sova, As you all can see the abilities in this video fade can reveal, Stun, damage with the ultimate.

Valorant new agent Fade 19th agent on Initiator role, Fade agent trailer all abilities

Here’s the all abilties of FADE:

(E) – HAUNT:

Equip a nightmarish entity. FIRE to throw the orb, which will plummet to the ground after a set time. Upon hitting the ground, the orb will turn into a nightmarish entity that will reveal the location of enemies caught in its line of sight. Enemies can destroy this entity. RE-USE the ability to drop the projectile early in the flight.


Equip a Prowler. Fire will send the Prowler out, causing it to travel in a straight line. The Prowler will lock onto any enemies or trails in their frontal vision cone and chase them, near-sighting them if it reaches them. Hold the fire button to steer the Prowler in the direction of your crosshair.

(Q) — SEIZE:

Equip an orb of nightmare ink. FIRE to throw the orb, which will plummet to the ground after a set time. Upon hitting the ground, the ink will explode and create a zone where enemies caught in it cannot escape the zone by normal means. RE-USE the ability to drop the projectile early in-flight


Equip the power of Fear. Fire to send out a wave of nightmare energy that can traverse through walls. The energy creates a trail to the opponent as well as deafens and decays them.

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