Valorant new update Act 3 | Kay/o agent, Battle pass Skins & much more

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Hello everyone welcome to foxyfyy. The detailed information on the Act 3 patch Valorant new update & valorant to introduce the new Skin battle pass bundle with many more little features like New character Agent card, Animations, and much more. and also you can see the new Duality card which releases in the official valorant tournament.

Valorant new update Episode 3 is here | What will you get in New Act 3

Act 3 was released on 23 June 2021, at 4 am IST (Indian Standard Time). In the new episode, there many big changes valorant done in the game, As you know the game valorant hit 1 million followers on Twitter they launch the new Duality trailer.

Episode 3 – You will get 1: Battle pass premium-looking black skins.
2: Anniversary badge, buddies character card.
3: Changes in players’ abilities, creds, guns.
4: The most important the new agent KAY/O.

valorant new agent kay /o

Valorant New Agent KAY/O looks | kay/o abilities, ultimates, playing style

The new agent KAY/O is a kind of robot which have control over the agents. KAY/O is the latest agent valorant roaster launch with the full stacked gear abilities of flashes, suppressed knife, explode of smart plays, and ultimate.

valorant new update introduced the new beast robot which was an role of initiator and They have revived mechanics scanning power and also have the ability to suppressed enemies ability and forced to play on their Aim. Curious to know more about KAY/O gameplay and his abilities:-


  • E – ZERO/POINT: This ability is a knife or a blade, this ability suppression when the blade was thrown to any surface like a wall or ground the first hit the surface.

    – The knife has to wind up and suppress anyone caught in the explosion radius of the blade and renders their abilities useless even it’s placed like KJ’s tarent or a JETT ultimate blade.
  • Q – FLASH/DRIVE: Flash grenade that explodes after it’s thrown on the wall or in the air. The flash blinds the enemies for approx 2, 3 secs.
  • C -FRAG/MENT: This ability is an explosive fragment that sticks to the floor and explodes multiple times and gives damage of 50 hp if you are in the center of the fragment. In the outer ring of the fragment, it damages 20 hp.
  • ULTIMATE – NULL: The last ability is ultimate which instantly overloaded with the polarized radiant energy, suppresses enemies’ abilities, and increases the speed 2x of guns.

Here is the Trailer of Agent KAY/O Reveal and some gameplay

Valorant new updates Act 3 & changes | All Agents, Guns, Skins, Battle pass, Abilities

While there are a lot of changes with this patch, they are focused around refining two critical components of the game: Increasing the importance of precise gunplay and expanding the tactical sandbox. 

When we think of the game VALORANT, we consider as every map, weapon, and character to be a part of an ever-changing sandbox where you can use your skill and creativity to overcome any challenge you face. We believe that VALORANT comes with new changes creativity is at its best when you face a wide variety of unique challenges & are forced to make the hard choices about tools and strategies you’ll use to overcome them. 

valorant new act 3 look


To create a more dynamic to the game, Valorant adjusted the ability pricing, ultimate costs, cooldown rates on every agent. so, you have to think more critically about purchasing ability and guns.

Astra agent ability


Nova Pulse (Q)

– Cooldown time increased 12 >>> 25
Gravity Well (C)

– Cooldown time increased 12 >>> 25
Stars/Astral Form (X)

– Stars are now inactive when placed during the buy phase.

– On Attack, Astra can now see the Spike’s location in Astral form.

– This representation does not animate so it will not provide additional info on the status of the Spike.

– when the barriers drop, her Stars charge for 1.4 seconds before becoming active and usable.

– Recall cooldown increased 8 >>>

– 15 Granted signature charges decreased 2 >>>

– 1Star cost decreased 200 >>>150
Breach agent ability


Flashpoint (Q)

– Total charges reduced 3 >>>

– 2Cost increased 200 >>>

– 250Projectile speed decreased 2500 >>>2000
Fault Line (E)

– Full charge time decreased 1.5 >>>

– 1 secondWidth increased 600 >>>

– 750Telegraph windup time decreased 1.3 >>>

– 1Concussion duration increased 3 >>>

– 3.5Unequip time after firing decreased 1 >>>

– .7Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
AfterShock (C)

– Now explodes 3 times with each blast dealing 60 damage with no fall off, blasts are .6 seconds in valorant new update.

– apartExplosion radius increased 260 >>>

– 300Unuequip times after firing decreased 1.1 >>>.

– 9 secondsCost increased 100 >>> 200
Rolling Thunder (X)

– Width of all explosions increased to 2300, which was the previous width of the final explosion
BRIM agent ability


Incendiary (Q)

  • / Cost increased 200 >>> 250


Neural Theft (X)

  • / Ultimate points required decreased 7 >>> 6
Jett agent ability


Updraft (Q)

– /Cost increased 100 >>> 150
Tailwind (E)

– No longer breaks Cypher’s Trapwire
Cloudburst (C)

– /Cost increased 100 >>> 200
Bladestorm (X)

-/ Ultimate points required increased 6 >>> 7
killjoy agent ability


Alarmbot (Q)

– /Cooldown after pickup increased 7 >>> 20
Turret (E)

– /Cooldown after pickup increased 10 >>> 20
Omen agent ability


Paranoia (Q)

– /Cost decreased 400 >>> 300
Dark Cover (E)

– /Granted signature charges reduced 2 >>> 1

– /Omen now must buy his second smoke for 100

– /Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
Shrouded Step (C)

– /Cost increased 100 >>> 150
phoenix agent ability


Curveball (Q)

  • /Cost increased 200 >>> 250


Model Update

– /Model has been updated with a polish pass
Boombot (C)

– /Cost increased 200 >>> 400
Showstopper (X)

– /Ultimate points required increased 7 >>> 8


Leer (C)

  • /Cost increased 200 >>> 250
sage agent ability


Slow Orb (Q)

– Cost increased 100 >>> 200
Barrier Orb (C)

– Cost increased 300 >>> 400
Resurrection (X)

– Ultimate points required increased 7 >>> 8
skye agent ability


Trailblazer (Q)

– /Vision radius increased 1750 >>> 2250

– Max concussion duration increased 3 >>> 4

– /Cost increased 200 >>> 250
Guiding Light (E)

– /Charges reduced 3 >>> 2

– Charges are now replenished on a 40-second cooldown

– Skye no longer needs to re-equip to trigger her flash

– Guiding Light’s projectile now goes around corners tighter when free-flying and is more responsive to guiding

– Audio attenuation when cast reduced 3250 >>> 1250

– /Cost of charges increased 100 >>> 250
sova agent ability


Shock Dart (Q)

– Cost increased 100 >>> 150
Recon Bolt (E)

– Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
Owl Drone (C)

– Cost increased 300 >>> 400
Hunter’s Fury (X)

– Ultimate points required increased 7 >>> 8
viper agent ability


Snakebite (C)

  • /Duration reduced 8 >>> 6.5
  • /Outer edges of Viper’s acid patch form faster to ensure it is lethal if an enemy sits in the entire duration
  • /Cost increased 100 >>> 200
    • We’ve seen a massive resurgence in Viper’s popularity and power, especially at stalling opponents and preventing defuses. We hope to slightly reduce some of this stalling power.
yoru agent ability


Blindside (Q)

– Cost increased 200 >>> 250
Gatecrash (E)

– Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
new kill field look


Your kills will get an additional highlighted border to make them stand out.

So, the valorant new update is here. You can enjoy the game on the official playvalorant site & For anything special game you can suggest to me freely what you want.

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